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  • 3.240 m2
Reference: NL2586
For sale 55.000 €
Classe Energética


The Land has about 1,785m2 inserted in Urban Area Level IV - Martim Afonso category of urban space, mixed urbanized area, in a consolidated area, in accordance with Articles 9 and 10 of the P.D.M. The remaining area is inserted in agricultural space, agricultural area of ​​the RAN, in accordance with Article 27 of the P.D.M. and Ordinance No. 231/94, of 16 April.

Water, electricity and sewage services pass to the edge of the property on the public road.

In accordance with subparagraph b) of no. typology, number of floors, streets, ceilings and predominant volumetry in that area, with the occasional existence of building(s) higher than the built envelope not being a precedence.

The parameters to be observed in the urbanization of this urban area are: 15 dwellings/ha, 0.30 for the maximum occupancy index (implementation), 0.60 for the maximum use index (construction) and the maximum number of floors is 3 (three). According to paragraph 4 of Article 11 of the P.D.M. regulation, the number of 3 (three) floors in Level IV is only admitted when it includes a basement and or attic.

For an area of ​​0.1785 ha (1,785m2) 2 (two) dwellings can be built, the maximum occupancy area is 535.5m2 and the maximum use area is 1,071m2.

The concession area for green spaces and for collective use, equipment for collective use and road infrastructure must be calculated in accordance with Article 57 and 58 of the P.D.M regulation.

Sobral de Monte Agraço is a Portuguese village in the district of Lisbon, Central region and West sub-region, with around 2,900 inhabitants.

It is the seat of the small municipality of Sobral de Monte Agraço with an area of ​​52.10 km² and 10,156 inhabitants (2011), subdivided into 3 parishes. The municipality is limited to the north by the municipality of Torres Vedras, to the northeast by Alenquer, to the east and southeast by Arruda dos Vinhos and to the southwest and west by Mafra.

The oldest known document concerning the municipality of Sobral de Monte Agraço is dated October 1, 1186, being a donation letter from King Sancho I to the Bishop of Évora, D. Paio, of the Soveral region. Soon a population group began to develop in this reguengo, next to the Church of São Salvador e dos Passos.

The most important population began to develop in the region of Monte Agraço, at the time Montagraço, next to the Capela de São Salvador do Mundo, an area currently called Cachimbos - Santo Quintino. This agglomeration remained until the mid-16th century, as well as the public buildings, which only at that time were moved to the area where the village of Sobral de Monte Agraço is currently located.

D. João I, in 1386, granted a “letter of privilege” to this municipality, as a reward for its active role during the siege of Torres Vedras.

The town of Sobral de Monte Agraço was elevated to the seat of the Municipality in 1821. The Municipality was extinguished in 1832 and restored in 1836, including the parish of S. Quintino, which until then belonged to Lisbon.

On February 10, 1887, the transfer of the seat of the municipality of Arruda to Sobral de Monte Agraço was decreed.

By Decree of January 13, 1898, the municipality of Sobral was restored with the parish of Sapataria. This was the last reform of the Council.

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  • Reference: NL2586
  • Price: 55.000 €
  • Land area: 3.240 m2
  • Energy certificate: N/A


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